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Definition of chocolate in English 1 A food in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened and eaten as confectionery. ‘The only foods previously available were chocolate bars, candy, potato chips and pop.’ ‘She enjoys Italian food, chocolate biscuits and reading endless amounts of books.’ ‘It is these dried beans, with their yeasty aroma, that are roasted and processed into chocolate.’ ‘With its higher percentages of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, this is what hard-core chocolate craving is all about.’ ‘He has also taken his first solid foods - chocolate buttons, mashed potatoes and gravy.’ ‘There was roast chicken for dinner, and chocolate ice-cream for dessert, washed down with good fresh water.’ ‘Look, you do not need Cheap write my essay six barriers to effective communication
coat the bottom of a chocolate chip cookie with chocolate.’ ‘We went to M&S to buy cookies and chocolate cornflake cakes to share with the team, and munched them with mugs of hot tea.’ ‘So that's the banned list, and the general ground rules for chocolate treat inclusion.’ ‘She was also banned from eating potassium-rich VFW POST 3348 including chocolate, mince pies and fruit.’ ‘It's sunny and bright and an endless source of conversation over tea and chocolate biscuits.’ ‘The squillionair was a combination of biscuit, toffee, chocolate with an icing decoration.’ ‘The packed lunches were found to be high in fat because of crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits and the amount of butter and margarine used.’ ‘There was no running water and the only food available was chocolate from the theatre bar.’ ‘After many hours without food, that first chocolate bar from the rescue team tasted really good.’ ‘Another delicacy known as ‘truffle’ belongs to the realm of chocolate confectionery.’ ‘The choices were biscotti, muffins, quick bread, chocolate cake, and Educational Travel for Adults | Road Scholar ‘Alternatively, I could have selected muesli cookie, Dundee cake, chocolate cake or even shortbread.’ ‘For Educational Travel for Adults | Road Scholar food I don't think anything can beat a good old plain Cadbury's chocolate bar.’ ‘Sumptuous chocolate confectons like Sacher tortes carry the perfume of decadence.’ ‘When folk from work have been away on holiday, they leave indigenous sweets and chocolates on the desk next to me.’ ‘He went into his bedroom and produced a box of expensive chocolates she guessed he'd been saving for Marlene.’ ‘The bowl was the size of a child's head, and was filled to the brim with chocolates and candy.’ ‘Western countries have cocoa butter in their chocolates which is superior health wise.’ ‘He is also working with Blumenthal on chocolates flavoured with the essence of fresh mown grass and leather.’ ‘You have to get a second mortgage in order to buy a small box of chocolates.’ ‘After our talk, the raffle was drawn and the lucky ones won Easter Eggs or chocolates.’ ‘They are generous too - give them a box of chocolates and they will tend to share them all and not leave one for Educational Travel for Adults | Road Scholar ‘Today I got a card and box of chocolates from R when I didn't expect anything.’ ‘Joy, whose family owns a cocoa plantation in Trinidad, makes her own chocolates by hand.’ ‘After all, they say life is a box of chocolates, but never have I seen life as being sweet.’ ‘If the message is not getting through to your children, join in with their interest in sweets and chocolates for a few days.’ ‘Sweets and chocolates are a must and should form a part of the gift you plan to give the kid.’ ‘Queen Mary had a very sweet tooth and always had a big box of chocolates beside her as she worked on her embroidery.’ ‘He was the one handing out sweets and chocolates to children in Srebrenica.’ ‘They sent me a two pound box of chocolates for my birthday, which is later this week.’ ‘All we were offered were packets of sweet custard creams and chocolates.’ ‘Like a box of good chocolates, I prefer a restrained approach to a book, savouring no more than one or two chapters a day.’ ‘When I was five, she bought me chocolates and chewing gum and we talked about cricket.’ ‘Lora, who has been going out with Matthew for a year, has been sending him parcels of chocolates and sweets.’ ‘After cleaning and polishing our fly lines, I had a mug of chocolate then crawled inside my sleeping bag.’ ‘Caffeine is a common ingredient in beverages such as coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks and cocoa.’ ‘After taking a nice warm shower, she made herself a cup of chocolate and settled down to do her homework.’ ‘I got up, made myself a steaming mug of chocolate and the cats a saucer of warmed Carnation milk and we sat in the 2611 Final - Businessays all crowded up close to one another until the wind died down a little.’ ‘Do you drink chocolate to escape from worries or trouble?’ ‘Her hair was a deep chocolate brown, held up in high pigtails with small, curving bangs.’ ‘The agony and shame in his face, in his deep chocolate brown orbs, drunk or not, was real.’ ‘His eyes met with another pair of a deep chocolate brown, yet their gaze wasn't focused on him but on the books before her.’ ‘The room had a determinedly seventies Help Essay: Best Website To Solve Homework Write My Paper about it, the woodwork in chocolate brown, the carpet a rich purple.’ ‘Pretty, slender features and a chocolate brown colouring belie the fatty marbled meat within.’ ‘The creature is said to be about 5ft, chocolate brown or orange and able to walk upright.’ ‘A chocolate brown chair beside it appears to have a light sprinkling of dandruff.’ ‘What was wrong with deep chocolate brown, or a lighter green to the usual wheelies?’ ‘Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and she paused momentarily to pull a stray strand of hair out of them.’ ‘I am sitting right at the Study Notes by Gary Rowen - Classmint of the room, in my customary chocolate brown polo neck sweater, head bowed.’ ‘Cysts are also likely to grow within the ovaries and these cysts are chocolate brown in colour.’ ‘Caramel, chestnut brown, chocolate and bright colours such as Buy cheap essay uk 6 shoes
, blue and green are on the way.’ ‘His hair was a chocolate Effects of Apartheid on the Status of Women in South Africa colour with a few blonde streaks through it, spiked up slightly.’ ‘Anna had dirty blonde hair that reached down to her elbows and deep chocolate brown eyes.’ ‘His eyes are this deep chocolate brown color, the type you could lose your mind in.’ ‘It was a deep, chocolate brown that contrasted perfectly with his silky, flawless skin.’ ‘I'm going to get her some chocolate coloured tights and see if I can find some chocolate brown gloves for her to wear with it.’ ‘They are born chocolate brown, but that color lightens to a red or sandy color as they mature.’ ‘For instant sex appeal, create a feline eye in black eye pencil, or chocolate brown for those with paler colourings.’ ‘Her hair was short, and a deep chocolate brown with a reddish tinge where the light hit it.’ Early 17th century (in the sense ‘a drink made with chocolate’): from French chocolat or Spanish chocolate, from Nahuatl chocolatl ‘food made from cacao seeds’, influenced by unrelated cacaua-atl ‘drink made from cacao’.

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