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Sunday, July 29, 2018 11:42:19 AM

My life and peer pressure essays Peer pressure is a very common thing in the Do Your Homework (@Do_Your_HW) | Twitter. Although it is often thought of as when someone is “pressured into drugs” or “pressured into alcohol”, it is sometimes a good thing. When someone encourages you to do your best in something like school, this is positive peer pressure. Yet, when someone is coaxing you into betraying your own values, they are putting negative peer pressure on you. Peer pressure has affected all of us. It has affected me positively by having people encourage me to make the right decision. An example of negative peer pressure that has been put on me would be when my friends try to get me to do something that we both know I’m not allowed to Starve one day peer Starve one day is Hygiene and Environmental Health Module: 3. Personal very good thing. I, many a time, have got mad at people for trying to talk to me about doing the right thing. I, later, did end up thanking them though. Positive peer pressure has affected my life by getting me to make better decisions. One thing I have learned on my own about peer pressure is that sometimes it doesn’t come in the form of words. Sometimes, peer pressure comes just by seeing the affected a bad decision had on other people and the way they look at you. You can see that, mentally, their saying, “Don’t do this. It has affected me and I don’t want you to hurt like I do.” I believe that my sister, Janna, has also put positive peer pressure on me. She has done this by having a baby at an early age. She knows that I can see what it did to her. Most likely she won’t finish her education and she knows that my education is important to me. I think she is putting positive peer pressure on me by just showing me the affects having a baby at a young age has on you. Now after all of this good stuff, yes, it’s the bad stuff. Negative peer pressure is one of the worst things that happen Character traits essay example
teens. Yes, I have been in a negative peer pressure situation. When my friends want me to come out after I’ve been put on restr.

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