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Comp essays CIS 210 Final Project (Word, Excel, Access) Fall 2000 In order to provide for yourself in your later years, you have decided it James bond essay introduction
time to begin thinking about doing some investing on Wall Street. After doing some research on the Internet, develop a Word document that would contain tips for a new investor. Use at least three Internet resources and document appropriately. Also, include a profile of five highly rated technology/technical stocks. A part of the documentation will be a Works Cited/Bibliography page. Once your research is complete, you are ready to invest in the five technology stocks as well as 15 publicly traded stocks for a total of 20 stocks. Ten of these should be on the New York Stock exchange and 10 on the NASDAQ. Using Access develop a database file to store your investment portfolio information. You will need the following information on each stock: Company Name, Symbol, Number of shares you hold (make this up), 52 week high, 52 Week Low, Purchase Price Dissertation Help| How to Write a Masters Dissertation Stock, and market (either NASDAQ or NYSE). You can collect this information from any newspaper (Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Charlotte Observer) or you can find online. After you have defined your table structure, create a data entry form to facilitate your data entry. Enter your investments. Create a query that will show only those stocks traded on the NASDAQ. Create a formatted report based on this query and print it. Create a query that will Abraham maslow student essay
only those stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Create a formatted report based on this query and print Help with research proposal paper - Have Your Essay Done your data to an EXCEL worksheet. Wait three-four days. Look up the opening price for Myles Munroe Purpose Of Women - wpfund of your stocks. Many will have changed since the date of purchase. Add a column to your Spreadsheet for the new opening price of the stock. In your column label, indicate the date the price was obtained. Add a column that will calculate the difference in the total value of each .

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