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The mongolian empire essays The Mongolian Empire The Dissertation Title Help - buypaperwritingessay savage conquerors of history were the Mongols. The Mongolian empire was the largest land empire of its era and occupied land from the yellow sea in Eastern Asia to the border of Eastern Europe. The empire included land in China, Korea, Mongolia, Persia as well as parts of Thailand and Russia. The Mongols derived from loosely organized nomadic tribes around Mongolia, Siberia and Manchuria. They lived off their land and the resources provided, and became great warriors. It is believed that the Mongols helped the spread of racial tolerance, religion and trade promotion. The Mongols have also been credited with useful inventions such as paper and gunpowder. The early Empire, which thrived through the later part of the 11th century and Model research paper - Raw data sets for statistics the mid 12th, held within it the great conquests of surrounding lands and the creation of strong leadership. The Later Empire was a period of tolerance for the Mongolian Empire through the late 12th century. Chieftains much like the Hunnish tribes ruled Mongolian tribes until one great man named Temujin, or Genghis Khan rose to power as head chieftain. Genghis Khan unified the scattered Mongolian tribes into a great fighting force and a rising empire. He became the undisputed leader and was known as the “Lord of all the peoples dwelling in felt tents.” Genghis aimed to train an efficient and disciplined army as French - health and fitness - GCSE Modern Foreign as to conquer lands for his growing empire. Genghis Khan was shrewd and ruthless with great ambition and power. He formed a crew of highly trained officers to travel through the tribes and train people for war. The Mongols specialized in sieging other empires and used specialized tactics such as filling the moats with sandbags for easier attacks. In the Early Empire Genghis Kan hoped to conquer China to expand the Mongolian Empire. His tribes first attacked Xi Xia along PowerScore SAT Score Calculator North West Chinese border. He.

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