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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 2:27:38 PM

Critical habitat in alaska for polar bears essays This is a very strange topic. Until now I did not even know that there was a polar bear extinction problem. I think they are very cool animals, or better yet my favorite of the bears because of their appealing look. In the movie "Life" that airs on Animal Planet there is a polar bear at the end. They filmed Order Research Papers life style of the magnificent animal and how sad it is to Essay On My City Karachi In English - anthonylegruiec them die do to global warming. They described that there are several that get stuck on ice glaciers and due to lack of food for energy are too weak to swim and die out at sea. There are many factors to the extinction, but I am wondering how it all started. I believe it is due to change in evolution and sometime the change will cause death to an entire species. What is really the question is why the polar bears are facing extinction and why now. The U.S government’s decision to set aside land as a “critical habitat” in Alaska to preserve the polar bears is a wonderful idea. It would give us the time to fine the answers we all wonder about. Our kids would be able to see and know of the polar bear instead of being like the dodo bird and lose interest because it does not exist. I love animals and have a zoo of my own at home they are our friends on this earth and I believe if we can help them we should. Do to global warming the polar bears are becoming more and more scares. There French Canadian Nationalism - The Canadian Encyclopedia about 15,000 polar bears in Canada alone which accounts for two thirds of the polar bear population. With the forest fires and the amount of pollution in the atmosphere it has caused the arctic ice to melt at a much faster pace. With that in mind how can we help the situation if the ice will continue to melt? Scientist estimates that the polar bear may be extinct by 2050. Wow that’s not that long away it already 2011. So if we set aside land in Alaska for a habitat for the polar bear. We can prolong the life of the polar bears. It is far better to try then to do nothing at all. I.

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