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Variety and unity of mozart's eine kleine nachtmusik essays The 1st movement to Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik may APA Referencing Style - Examples very simple to the outside and untrained eye; However, this work is extremely complex with its use of unity and variety. The movement uses sonata-allegro form, composed of and exposition, development and finally the recapitulation (recap). The beginning unison line brings simplicity using arpeggios and a largely monophonic melody. This melody (A1, m1-5) has become the most recognizable one in the song and provides a nice lead into A2 (m5-9). The A2 theme contrasts the opening because it is mainly homophonic, and blends together nicely. A2 blends well because the cellos and Resume Examples For Nursing Assistant | Resume Examples are playing the tonic pitch over and over while the 1st violins have a light flowing melody on top. Measures 9-11 serve as an extension to the A2 theme. The variety in the 1st and 2nd violins creates tension using contrary motion, then leads into a V7 chord and finally ends on a I6 (IAC). This extension seems to want to lead into something bigger, but I believe Write an essay about civilizations 5 denmark flag
listener is deceived when the A3 theme enters at a “piano”. This slightly imitative section (m11-18) is the first time a motive is repeated. This brings a sense of unity to the piece after a deceiving A2 ending. The use of dynamics adds to the section by giving a light feeling to the 1st parallel period. The next few measures (m18-28) are the transition. Typically in sonata allegro form the transition changes in key to the dominant, this movement is no exception. One would assume that the transition would use a modulatory technique; Mozart uses direct modulation (beat 4, m21). The modulation is very abrupt and comes as a surprise to the listener. The key change is not smooth and is something different from what would be normal. The transition is used to link the A3 and B1 sections together smoothly. However, I think this transition was rather unsuccessful. The use of complex rhythms including syncopation, the increas.

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