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Subacute combined degeneration of the cord essays the occurrence Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest - buypaperbestessay SACD of the cord is rare, it is still a possible aetiology that if overlooked or unknown can lead to dire consequences that could easily have been treated with vitamin B12 therapy. Clinical Features The onset of this disease is sub-acute (insidious), with paraesthesia in the hands and feet presenting in the majority of patients. The next most common complaints include numbness and weakness with unsteadiness of gait (ataxic). Moreover, spasticity is evident in the legs with extensor or flexor spasms. More extensive neurological features include: cerebral demyelination with encephalopathy Growth and Income Distribution - researchgate symptoms of: confusion, delusions, depression, and if untreated – severe dementia (Hemmer, Glocker, Schumacher, Deuschl Growth and Income Distribution - researchgate Lucking, 1998). On examination, most patients have signs of both spinal cord and peripheral nerve involvement. Loss of position or vibration sense is the most common abnormality, due to the involvement of the posterior columns of the spinal cord that carry the afferent sensory information of proprioception and general sensation. A positive Rhomberg’s test is often elicited and the affect on reflexes is quite variable, with tendon reflexes in the legs being decreased, increased or Growth and Income Distribution - researchgate depending on the predominance of peripheral nerve or corticospinal tract involvement. Visual impairment is often apparent, with bilateral visual loss, optic atrophy and centrocaecal scotoma (a visual field defect) (Lindsay and Bone, 1997). Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) Vitamin B12 is the largest B vitamin (a red crystalline substance) and was the last vitamin to be isolated in 1948 by Dr. Lester Smith in the UK from Liver. It had been known as early as 1926 that something in raw liver was a treatment for anaemia. There are various forms of cobalamin, so called due to the presence of cobalt, some of these are methyl- cyano- adnosyl- and hydroxycobalamin. The human body can normally convert from one form to the other, an.

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