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Business report essays To: Mr. Stephen Snyder From: Pat Papoutsis Date: September 13, 2000 Subject: Operational Plan for GoAway.com Mission GoAway.com will provide superior customer service in the field of upscale/niche travel related vacations. The focus will be to accommodate virtually every vacation scenario requested by upscale/niche clientele. They will concentrate on bringing the customer the most hassle free, quality and personalized vacation experience possible. Guiding Principles GoAway.com will be providing travel experiences that will have a high level of professional service. They will focus on catering to the special needs of busy upscale professionals who have little time of their own to plan details while traveling. GoAway.com will offer expertise, brokering and arrange the entire vacation desired. GoAway.com will not omit any details and strive to offer the most comprehensive, complete and satisfying travel experience for their clientele. Analysis Due to the recent economic upsurge and proliferation of e-commerce, a large sector of the population is contributing to the increased demand for specialized travel services. According to the latest economic survey in the Wall Street Journal, disposable income has increased 23% and there is a corresponding growth in the travel industry. The largest increase reported is in the niche traveling segment. Presently The Defining Of The Social Class Sociology Essay market is saturated with “boutique/concierge” style travel agencies. The reaction time needed to capitalize on this new growth in industry is now. A first mover advantage is imperative to capture market share. Key Directions State of the Comparing and Contrasting Classic Picture Books VS technology and quality control systems employed by larger travel agencies will be purchased. This will allow GoAway.com the necessary equipment to expand and monitor their markets and customers through immediate feedback and factual data. Michelle Rashlick, marketing director for GoAway.com, will direct recruiting efforts. The.

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